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101 College Street, 7th floor

MaRS Building, Princess Margaret Cancer Research Tower

Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1L7


Current Opportunities: Pathology Technician III (see UHN Job Posting #793386)

Please submit your CV and cover letter to


Q1. How do I access STTARR resources?

A1. Please complete the online Access Request Form

Q2. How much does it cost for CT or MR imaging?

A2. Please view the Price Structure on the home page.

Q3. How do I get a STTARR access card?

A3. Please complete the Access Card Form and submit to You must complete the UHN Research Safety Training and STTARR Orientation prior to receiving your access card.

Q4. How often am I required to attend a UHN Research Safety Training Session?

A4. Currently UHN Researchers (employees, students, volunteers and visiting scientists) are only required to attend a session once. However, the Fire Safety training portion of this program must be completed annually.

Q5. If I attended safety training at another research facility am I required to take UHN Research Safety Training?

A5. Yes, since there is general and UHN specific safety information covered in the training session.

Q6. How often am I required to attend STTARR Orientation?

A6. Researchers are only required to attend one orientation session but users may require a refresher course if policies have changed.