Histological Services Request Form

This Histological Services Request Form must be completed each time specimens are submitted to the STTARR Pathology Lab (located on the 7th Floor of MaRS-TMDT) for processing. If you have questions regarding technical services, please contact napoleon.law@rmp.uhn.ca or by telephone at 416-581-8169.
  • Billing Information

  • Histological Services Requested

  • Include special requests and numbers of specimens
    1. For special or complex requests/services which are not listed, please contact STTARR via telephone at 416-581-8169 or via email at napoleon.law@rmp.uhn.ca
    2. For frozen samples, tissue blocks must be collected within 30 days of completion of work. If not, they will be moved to long term storage freezer and subject to a storage fee of $150/month.