Application For Operator Status

Application For Operator Status

This application for Operator Status must be completed by all users who wish to act as a standalone operator of the STTARR Imaging Equipment in TMDT 7th Floor. Once this form has been reviewed and approved by the STTARR Steering committee, new operators will be notified of their status.
New Operators may conduct imaging sessions without supervision ONLY after this form has been approved by STTARR
  • Applicant

  • PI

  • Emergency Contact

  • Systems Required

    Place a check to indicate the imaging system(s) for which standalone operator status is being requested. Please contact Deborah Scollard for the lead operator of each system and have the operator confirm by email to Deborah the completion of hands-on training.
  • Please confirm that you have completed the appropriate Radiation Safety requirements and upload the necessary certificates